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The Sanctuary is the area of church behind the Communion Rail. We request that you do not go into this area. The Vicar uses this area of church during Holy Communion, when the bread and wine are shared.

The Sanctuary contains the Altar, Credence Table, the Ten Commandments on two plaques and the Bishop’s Chair.

The Credence Table, on the right of the altar, is where the bread and wine are placed before the service ready for Holy Communion.



Bishop’s Chair

This chair is for the Bishop to use if he comes to visit. The coat of arms on the back of the chair is that of Blackburn Diocese with a mitre over the top of it.

We have three Bishops in our Diocese, the Bishops of Blackburn, Burnley and Lancaster.


Ten Commandments

In Exodus Chapter 20 it says that Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from the mountain written on two stone tablets. Our Ten Commandments are also on 2 tablets.



Altar Frontals

The green altar frontal shown above is used most of the time but the colours change with church festivals. For instance at Christmas the altar frontal will be white, Red is used during Holy Week and the frontal can also be purple. We also have a special altar frontal made by the children of Messy Church, with a little help from their parents.

Three plaques showing the dedications for the extensive renovations undertaken for the Coronation in 1902, the altar in remembrance of the Rev. James Horrox, Vicar from 1870- 1905 and the gift of the sanctuary panelling to match the altar.




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