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This chapel was erected during the time Rev. E Smithies was Vicar 1937 - 44 and furnished by Mr William Starkie, the Rev Wallace’s Warden in 1944.

Mary, the mystic rose

The picture is a form of icon based on medieval thinking about the deity of Christ and the mystery of Mary.

The peacock was considered to be the prince among birds in his unrivalled splendour and an appropriate symbol to represent Jesus, status in the heavenly realms.

Mary’s purity, innocence and surrender to God’s will were the means by which God brought his Son into the world.

Mary is represented as a full blown rose brought into blossom by God’s Spirit to fulfil his mysterious and wonderful plan.

Joan Parsons



Girls Friendly Banner

Opposite the chapel on the north wall is a case containing the Girl’s Friendly Banner. A small display at the base of the case explains this organisation and its role in St. Mary’s.



You are welcome to spend some time in this small chapel in thought or prayer and some prayer cards are available if you wish to use them.

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