The Booths

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The names of the four “Booths” can be seen on the board behind the “Warden’s Pew” to the left as you enter the church. The four names are Roughlee Booth, Old Laund Booth, Goldshaw Booth and Barley With Whittley Booth.

The four booths are in Pendle Forest, which was part of Blackburnshire, which was part of the Honour of Clitheroe successively managed by the Lacis, Earls of Lincoln, Earls of Lancaster and the Crown.

About 1200 cow (ox) farms were established and by 1311 there were eleven vaccaries or cow pastures in the forest. The name “booth” comes from these first settlements. Vaccaries were specialist farms for the production of oxen, the main beast of burden and transport in medieval times. In about 1400 the cow (ox) farms were leased to tenants. The year 1507 saw the disafforestation and in 1620 the common lands were divided. Since that time the land has been in the hands of substantial families who lived in hoses such as Sabden Old Hall, Roughlee Hall, Whitehough and Thorneyholme. The area still needed to be administered and this was done by a “Court Baron” held twice a year at Higham to resolve issues for the whole of Pendle Forest

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