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The church tower is the oldest part of the present building. The tower however has been restored several times during its history.

The base of the tower is believed to be the only part of the building that was consecrated in 1544 left standing today. It is possible that the small window at the base of the tower was part of this first building.

The tower you see today is certainly taller then the one that existed in 1544.

If you look carefully around the tower you will find some date stones corresponding to the dates of 1653 and 1712 when the tower was restored.

The single bell was installed in 1830 and the tower was reroofed in 1930.

The tower is not open to the public as the access is very difficult and so here is the view from the tower looking towards Spenbrook.








The clock was installed in 1946 when the Rev. Wallace was Vicar.

The clock is still wound once a week and chimes the bell on the hour.

If you visit church and spend time quietly in the churchyard you will see a remarkable range of wildlife, you may even hear our resident woodpecker.



This feature of the tower according to local folklore is “The Eye of God”. It is an unusual feature on a church but it may well have been a peephole for a warden or the sexton to watch through to see when a wedding or funeral procession was arriving.

The entrance to the church used to be through what is now the garden of the Old School House, the gate can stiil be seen at the bend in the path on the way out. The peephole would have been in just the right position to see a procession arriving and be ready to start the service.





This is the tower during its restoration in 2016.

We are very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for making a grant to re-roof the tower, do the necessary masonry work and stop water getting into church. Following the completion of the work on the tower the dryrot in the west wall will be treated and the organ will be rebuilt.

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