St Mary’s is a beautiful place for celebrating a wedding. We are always delighted to be part of your joy. As well as providing a venue, the vicar will spend a lot of time helping you prepare for your special day.

A big question is, Can we get married at St Mary’s? The Church of England has opened up the conditions for being able to get married in one of its churches.

Anyone who lives in the parish or is on the roll of church members has a right to be married at St Mary's.

You may also get married at St. Mary's if you have a connection with the parish, for example you or your parents have lived in the parish at some time for at least six months or your parents or grandparents were married at St. Mary's. You can find out simply by asking the vicar.

The usual way of getting married is by banns. This means that your intention to marry is read aloud in church on three consecutive Sundays before your wedding day. So you do not need to go to a registry office for a license. We take care of everything.

In some situations, for instance if you are in the armed forces, you can get married by licence.

If you have already been married and are now divorced, it may be possible in exceptional circumstances to get married in St Mary's. Just ask the vicar who will discuss it with you in a sensitive and confidential way.

If you are thinking about getting married, do contact the Vicar, the Rev. Julie Smith in good time on 01282 613206.

She will be able to give lots of advice and help for your special day.

Please go to this website to see a wedding planner and other useful information:

Fees for weddings

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